Write here. Right Now.

Journalists report with a sense of responsibility. Journalists write within strict deadlines. Journalists play with words to educate, amaze, astonish, create curiosity and emotionally fire up society. Many hardcore South African journalists have excelled in bringing us the stories that change society. Angles, length of content and level of interest are some of the challenges they face but Right Here is where we recognise those who rise above these limitations.

Write here. Right Now is where our judges recognise those journalists who excel in their field. The Journalist of the Year Awards has become the most prestigious event in the media industry calendar where the most recognised journalists get their due among their peers.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

said Maya Angelou and for this reason these awards honour South Africa’s top journalists who indeed, tell stories, relate events and express opinions which is intrinsic to human nature.

Great journalism goes beyond that. It freezes those moments of free expression into a permanent state where millions can access; it immortalises discourse and paints a permanent picture in words.

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